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How X-ray Machines Function

You can lead a life without fearing x-rays because the thought of shooting radiation is scary even though x-rays are safe. In this article you will understand x-rays and how the machines work. Xrays were discovered in 1895 when a physicist was trying out electron beams in a gas release tube. The fluorescent in the lab glowed when the light in the beam was lit. If electromagnetic radiation comes close to fluorescents they glow. It was here that x-ray was discovered when the surrounding cardboard on the tube blocked the radiation.

In his bid to know if there is any object that would block the radiation he continued placing many of them before the tube and the fluorescent. He even put his hand before the tube and fluorescent, and here he saw his hand bones projected on the screen. He discovered x-rays and its application in the medical field, so an x-ray is electronic radiation. Even though the wavelength is short x-ray can compare to visible light only that the human eye cannot see it. This shortness of wavelengths show the high energy in x-rays.

these short wavelengths can go through many objects including the human body tissues. This is the reason that though a human body we can see bones in an x-ray. After placing a detector on the other side, when x-rays pass through a body a black shadow is seen however there is a white appearance of anything that absorbs the x-rays such as bones.

In the center of the x-ray machine in the vacuum glass tube there is an electrode pair. If a cathode is charged negatively it becomes a filament that is heated through the current from the x-ray machines. The electrons come off from the surface of the filament.

Moreover, electrons are pulled through the tube after a tungsten anode which is positively charged. In this process ample energy is formed to create x-rays in form of form of high energy photon. Even if there is thick lead photon still escape through a small window and a narrow beam to the patient. Films are developed after the capturing of the x-ray patterns. However a chemical reaction happens instead of a visible light.

It becomes possible to see soft tissues through the x-ray. The body is served with some contrast media. There is a liquid known as contract media which is injected so that there can be ease in x-ray absorption. Barium is swallowed to that the systems can absorb x-rays the media is injected in the body so that they systems are visible. Most cancers including lung cancer are normally detected using this process.

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